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Tietie cooperation

(Information Technology Education Using Information Technology)

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Course Descriptions of present courses are in Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences. Please, use search criteria co-operation rings "Tietie".

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Tietie cooperation aims to increase local learning resources and to use the latest information and communication technologies to free learning from the constraints of time and space. Tietie offers numerous courses whose local implementation would otherwise be impossible.

Tietie commenced in 1995 in the form of a Ministry of Education funded online learning project among five polytechnics, and continued in this manner until 1998. Thereafter the polytechnics took over Tietie’s funding and established it as a regular part of their curricula, with jointly agreed coordination, local contact persons and resource compensation. In August 2000 six new polytechnics joined and in November 2004 three more raising the number of participants to fourteen.

Tietie courses make active use of the Internet – such as web sites, e-mail and attachments, discussion forums and learning environments. Teaching diversity is fostered with multinode video conferences that establish close contact between people otherwise dispersed: students in different localities can get to know each other and their teacher, ask questions and immediately receive replies, form groups and experience that they are not alone on the net. Students work in individual local groups or networks of local groups. Participants have included students engaging in work placement abroad.

Students feedback
The students of Tietie say that online learning demands more but also gives more than traditional learning. The flexibility of online learning is an excellent alternative to students who work, have small children or work aboard.

Some statistics
In the academic year 2001-2002 Tietie offered a total of twenty-five online learning courses (spanning 1-3 credits) open to all students in the participating polytechnics. And at the end of 2001 Tietie had already registered 1342 course completions.

The Quality Prize
On 18 April 2002 Tietie cooperation was awarded with the Ministry of Education and National Board of Education Online Learning Development Quality Prize.

Tietie participants
HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences (coordinator)
HAMK University of Applied Sciences
JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences
Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences
Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Oulu University of Applied Sciences
North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences
Savonia University of Applied Sciences
TAMK University of Applied Sciences
Turku University of Applied Sciences
VAMK, University of Applied Sciences

Tietie coordinator
Eija Kalliala, Senior Lecturer, HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences,
e-mail: [email protected]


  • Tietie Summer Days in Stockholm 9.-11.9.2009
  • Tietie Summer Days in Tallinn 10.-11.6.2008
  • Tietie Summer Days in Helsinki 4.-5.6.2007
  • Tietie Summer Days in Tallinn 22.-23.8.2006
  • Tietie Summer Days in Peurunka 14.-15.6.2005
  • Tietie meeting in Tallinn 25.-26.11.2004
  • Tietie Summer Days in Oulu 7.-8.6.2004
  • Tietie meeting in Tallinn 4.-5.2.2004
  • Tietie seminar in Helia 24.11.2003
  • Tietie in Online Educa Berlin Conference 26.-30.11.2002; brochure (rtf, 8 kb), slides (ppt, 44 kb)
  • Tietie Summer Days in Turku 15.-16.8.2002; pictures
  • The Finnish Ministry of Education and the National Board of Education quality price of online learning development to Tietie cooperation, in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna 18.4.2002; pictures
  • Tietie Meeting in Tuusula 24.-25.1.2002
  • Tietie Summer Days in Tallinn 16.-17.8.2001
  • Tietie Summer Days in Oulu 19.-20.6.2000
  • Tietie Summer Days in Joensuu 10.-11.6.1999

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